Russia thanks Philippines for saving life of tanker captain


“Thanks to the swift and decisive actions of the Philippine Government we managed to save a life,” the Russian Embassy in the Philippines said in a statement April 9.

“Captain Alexander Solodyannikov of the tanker “Asphalt Transporter”, a Russian national, had an attack of an unknown respiratory syndrome,” the Russian embassy said.

“The ship’s doctor could not help him and amid the COVID-19 scare no country would allow him to enter to be admitted to a hospital. The Government of the Philippines responded to the Embassy’s request very quickly despite the lockdown and the quarantine measures and allowed the Captain to be taken off the ship to a medical center in Metro Manila,” it added.

“Things were not looking good for some time, but now Capt. Solodyannikov is safe,” it noted. “On behalf of his family and ourselves we thank our dear friends from the Philippines for helping us save a life!”