Russia registers first COVID-19 vaccine

Russia President Vladimir Putin confirmed during a meeting with Russian government officials that Russia has registered the first COVID-19 vaccine.

“There is our Chinese colleagues’ research that is undergoing the registration process now. There are similar developments in other countries as well, but clinical tests are still underway. In fact, Russia has the first full registration certificate,” Russia Healthcare Minister Mikhail Murashko said when asked by Russia President Putin if there are “similar vaccines registered anywhere around the world.”

“Which means we have the first registration. I hope the work of our foreign colleagues will also make progress, and there will be a lot of medicines and vaccines on the global market that can be used,” Putin said.

Putin also said he is familiar with the vaccine “because one of my daughters has got this vaccination. I think that in this sense she has taken part in the experiment.”

“After the first shot, she had a fever of 38 degrees, but the next day it went down to just over 37, and that was it. After the second shot, her temperature went up a little, but then came down again. She feels well, and the titres are high. I know that many people have no symptoms or fever after the shot. In fact, they feel as if nothing happened. The main thing is to ensure unconditional safety and effectiveness of this vaccine in the future. I hope this will happen,” he said.

“We have to be grateful to those who have taken this first, very important step, very important for Russia and for the entire world. I hope that soon we will be able to launch mass production – this is very important – of this preparation, so that everyone who wants (of course, this must be voluntary, as I have said many times) can benefit from our scientists’ innovations and achievements,” Putin added. 

Russian Healthcare Minister Murashko said “based on the analysis of clinical trials data, experts from the Healthcare Ministry issued a conclusion, and today a decision was made on granting state registration for the vaccine to prevent the novel coronavirus, developed by the Gamaleya Centre of the Russian Healthcare Ministry.”