Roque on Taiwan as part of China: ‘We have always had one position’

“We have always had one position in this regards together with many countries of the world, I leave it at that,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said during April 30 online briefing when asked to comment on Taiwan’s dissatisfaction after Roque said “Taiwan is part of China.”

The Philippines observes One-China policy which asserts that there is only one sovereign state under the name China and that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory.

“My country expresses strong dissatisfaction and high regret over Philippine government officials wrongly accusing Taiwan as part of China,” Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Joanne Ou said in a statement, unofficial translation.

This is after Presidential Spokesperson Roque told ANC, April 29, that “we leave the Filipino caregiver (Elanel Ordidor) to the jurisdiction of Taiwanese authorities, because deportation is really a decision to be made by Taiwanese authorities – which forms part of China.”

“We leave that wholly to the jurisdiction of Taiwan and China. Taiwan is part of China, we respect that decision and of course in the same way that we will enforce our law on all foreigner while they are under our jurisdiction,” Roque reiterated.

Ou said “Taiwan, the Republic of China, is a sovereign and independent country and has never been a part of China. The People’s Republic of China has never ruled Taiwan.”

She added that “only the elected Taiwan government can represent the 23 million people of Taiwan internationally.”