Rescued Pinoy fishermen transferred from cargo ship to PCG vessel

Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Parola-class Multi-role Response Vessel BRP Cape San Agustin (MRRV-4408) rendered assistance to six Filipino fishermen who were successfully rescued by a passing foreign vessel, MV KSL Seoul on June 9.

According to report by PCG, the Filipino fishing boat Sister Reds was accidentally hit by an unnamed bulk carrier vessel due to restricted visibility brought about by heavy rain along Mindoro straight.

PCG said MV KSL SEOUL skippered by Captain Oliver Wendell D Capuli, while transiting the said area, sighted the distressed fishermen and eventually rescued them.

The PCG then dispatched BRP Cape San Agustin by the Coast Guard Action Center Manila enroute to vicinity 12 nautical miles off Bayacas, Lubang Island along Mindoro Strait.

“Upon arrival thereat, all rescued fishermen were turned over by the crew of MV KSL SEOUL to MRRV 4408. PCG Medical team onboard MRRV 4408 gave necessary medical attention to the rescued fishermen while underway back to the National Headquarters in Manila for proper disposition,” PCG said.