Rafael to supply warfare systems for Southeast Asian country’s Shaldag crafts

Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has announced that it bagged a $80 million contract for supply of naval warfare systems suite for Shaldag Mk. V Fast Attack Crafts by Israel Shipyards to a country in Southeast Asia.

“Over the course of the three year contract, Rafael will supply its advanced naval warfare systems suite, which includes a Combat Management System, #Typhoon & Mini-Typhoon Remote Operating Weapon Systems, Naval #SPIKE Missiles, Sea-Com Internal Communication System & #BNET Tactical Data Link, and other components with full maintenance & support services,” Rafael said.

Rafael did not specifically mentioned for what country the contract will be.

It can be recalled that the Department of National Defense (DND) has awarded Israel Shipyards and Rafael contracts in connection to Fast Attack Interdiction Craft-Missile (FAIC-M) Acquisition Project for Philippine Navy.

The acquisition project will provide the Philippine Navy 8 new units FAIC-M with Shaldag Mk. V as platform. Four will be equipped with missile systems.

The acquisition is a government-to-government deal with Israel’s Ministry of Defense International Defense Cooperation Directorate (MOD SIBAT).

The first contract, which covers the platforms, was awarded to Israel Shipyards with contract price of USD127.9 million. The second contract, which covers the weapon systems and missiles, was awarded to Rafael with contract price of USD79,379,995.00. Notice of Awards (NOAs) were posted in DND’s official website.