PTV apologizes for using wrong photos of warships in PHL Navy report

PTV, the flagship television network of the Philippine Government, has issued an apology after edited photos of Chinese navy and Philippine Navy frigates downloaded online were inadvertently used in a news report by Ulat Bayan.

“ULAT BAYAN apologizes for the inadvertent use of wrong photos as support video for its story on the plan to send a Philippine Navy ship to help rescue the three (3) Filipino Overseas Filipino Workers abducted by armed men in Libya, in the PTV Newscast last Sunday, August 5, 2018,” PTV said.

Among the used photos were Chinese frigate edited to fly the Philippine flag and edited Philippine Navy frigate with upgraded weapons and sensors.

“Please be advised that the video editor responsible for downloading and using the said photos without proper verification has already been sanctioned,” PTV added.

It added that other PTV News producers and editors have likewise been warned against making similar mistakes in the future.

“Moving forward, we shall take more diligent measures to deliver straightforward and accurate news to the Filipino people,” PTV said.