President’s statement regarding killing of bishops a hyperbole: Panelo

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said, when asked to comment on President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement regarding the killing of bishops, just like any ordinary human being President Duterte is upset when the good things that he does for this country is not even appreciated by people who are supposed to support him like the Church.

He said the statement is “only a hyperbole on the part of the President.”

“We should be getting used to this President. He makes certain statements for dramatic effect but he actually means stop criticizing and do some good for this country. Help us,” Secretary Panelo added.

He also said that the President has basis in hitting some officials of the Roman Catholic Church.

“There are members of the Church who are doing the opposite things of what they preach to us, that’s why the President has basis. He has been a victim of sexual harassment when he was a young boy, he keeps on telling us that. Again, that is a basis,” the presidential spokesperson said.

“When priests give us the teachings of God and yet they do the opposite, so that makes them hypocritical,” he added.

President Duterte said on December 5 that “I couldn’t have made it in life even the barest that I – before the presidency – without God. Pero itong mga obispo ninyo, patayin ninyo, walang silbi ‘yang mga g******* ‘yan. All they do is criticize.”