President Duterte opens military camps for stranded Filipinos

Amid the enhanced community quarantine being implemented by the government in entire Luzon, President Rodrigo Duterte announced evening of March 19 that stranded individuals may temporarily find refuge in military camps.

“‘Yung stranded, we will try to help you. The — your Air Force and your Army will help you wherever you are. Kung wala ka nang mauwian, kung wala na kayong matulugan, I am asking the military commanders of the different camps all over the country that you can go there and ask for accommodation at pagkain,” President Duterte said.

“And they will — they would only be too willing to help you. ‘Yan ang ating army at pulis, bigyan kayo pagkain at tulugan,” the President said.

“And in the meantime, they will try to communicate the authorities in Manila to — we will try to… Anyway, makukuha ko kayo,” he said.

“That is a very terrible thing. You know, as a matter of fact, it would have been very cruel for you to drive away lalo na ‘yung mga bata nagbakasyon tapos walang mauwian, walang tatanggap,” President Duterte added.

“My heart bleeds for them. Hindi mo malaman na kung saan ka pupunta. Pilipino ka naman pero wala namang tatanggap sa iyo. To me, I can understand your refusal. But more than your feeling, ‘yung akin is to somehow protect and help Filipinos in distress,” he said.