Power of Pen goes to Mindanao for food writing seminar, workshop

The Power of Pen, a food writing seminar and workshop, is going to Mindanao for its 8th iteration on May 19 with “Mindanao Culinary Culture – Research and Writing Basics” as theme.

The food writing seminar and workshop will be held at the Training Room, 8F, Community Center of the First Companion, Ateneo De Davao University, E Jacinto St., Davao City.

The Power of Pen aims to inform and equip aspiring food writers, marketing professionals, and social media influencers with essential key points and instructions on crafting food reviews with informative, entertaining, and flavorful content.

Five prominent food writers, researchers, and culinary experts will be sharing their journeys, insights, and lessons on food writing and research.

Philippine Daily Inquirer editor/writer Ms. Michaela Fenix and columnist Ms. Margaux Salcedo will be speaking on Food Knowledge & The Importance of Research for Food Stories and Ideas, Feature Writing, and writing Restaurant Reviews.

Fenix and Salcedo will also discuss how to produce a readable and evocative work in order to successfully market it to its target readers.

Resource speakers Chef Datu Pendatun III, Dr. Macario Tiu, and Ms. Lolita Lacuesta, will take on an encompassing discussion on Mindanaoan cuisine, its history and socio-cultural narratives and how we can utilize its richness strengths to encourage research, promotion, and preservation of our culture through writing.

Chef Datu will specifically discuss “A Study on the Cuisine of Muslim Mindanao”, Dr. Tiu will tackle “Documenting The Recipes of The Ten Tribes of Davao”, and Ms. Lacuesta will lecture on “The Davao We Know: Writing to Record Socio-Cultural History”.

The seminar and workshop will also address practical techniques to apply food writing specifically to effectively market restaurant offerings, hotel promotions, and travel pitches to both local and foreign spectators.

Interested individuals can fill up form through: http://bit.ly/2FSxAFX for registration.