PNPA, NPTI now under direct control of PNP

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the bill authored by Senator Panfilo M. Lacson seeking to give the Philippine National Police (PNP) full responsibility and accountability for training of its new recruits.

Under the newly signed Republic Act 11279, revising the DILG Act of 1990 or Republic Act 6975, the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) and the National Police Training Institute (NPTI) will be placed under the PNP’s administrative and operational supervision and control.

The PNPA will be under the supervision and control of the Chief PNP.

“With the transfer to the PNP of the training of police recruits, we can strengthen the foundation of a competent police force not just physically but also morally,” said Senator Lacson.

Lacson noted that the new law will help the PNP leadership in its internal cleansing efforts.

“By delegating the training of recruits to individuals who are bereft of intellectual, physical and most importantly, moral competence, we do not only weaken the enforcement of the law; we also invite scorn and contempt for our national police force,” Lacson explained.

“I feel the pain of having the name of the institution I once served with pride, dignity, and honor being dragged through the mire by police scalawags. Amid these anomalies that spark public outrage, we see clearly the lapses in the recruitment and education of our police officers – phases that make up the formative stage of becoming a law enforcer,” he said.

“By instituting reforms in the current system, we are strengthening the foundation of a highly efficient, effective and competent police force,” he added.