PNP will never run out of heroes

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said in its National Heroes’ Day message that the PNP mission to serve and protect the country and people offers great opportunity for every hero to rise among the 195,000 brave souls in the PNP.

“Even if it needs to happen everyday, the PNP will never run out of heroes,” the PNP said.

It noted that the Philippines achieved its identity due to the noble deeds made by Filipino Heroes, both living and dead, whom we honor today.

“This is a perfect day to remember the life and work of all these great people,” the PNP said. “This legacy of gallantry and heroism by our forebears in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish rule, the resistance against Japanese occupation and the democratic struggle against American colonizaton, continues to live on amongst nameless contemporary Filipino heroes.”

“The Philippine National Police has embraced this legacy of valor, service and sacrifice as fundamental principles to its core values of service, honor and justice that describe every police campaign and mission against threats to peace and democracy, that the PNP would ever so dutifully accomplish even at the cost of offering the supreme sacrifice,” it added.