PNP orders new recruits to maintain body mass

Philippine National Police Chief, Police General Oscar D Albayalde has directed the National Police Training Institute (NPTI) under Police Brigadier General Ramon Rafael to strictly require police recruits to maintain their body mass index before they graduate from rigid police basic training to become full-fledged police officers.

PNP Spokesperson, Police Brigadier General Bernard Banac said the move is part of the relentless Enhanced Internal Cleansing Strategy of the PNP leadership.

Last Thursday, the Director for Police and Community Relations, Police Major General Benigno Durana Jr, visited the National Police Training Institute (NPTI) in Calamba, Laguna to grace the graduation rite for new police officers of the Sandigtas Class of 2019.

“Let me remind you to stay faithful and grounded to the values of the PNP service – our philosophy of service, honor and justice and the PNP core values of Makadiyos, Makabayan, Makatao, and Makakalikasan,” Durana said.

NPTI Director, Police Brigadier General Ramon Rafael said all police training institute will implement and monitor the Body Mass Index Program to ensure the physical fitness and discipline of all new police recruits nationwide, and no one is allowed to graduate if he or she fails to attain the BMI.

The PNP Spokesperson added this is also part of the physical fitness program of the PNP thru institutionalized transformation of the PNP to attain highly capable, effective and credible police service. PNP