PNP modernizing mobility, firepower, investigation capabilities this 2020

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is committing to modernize it mobility, firepower, communication and investigation capability this year.

“PNP modernization and procurement of more mission-essential equipment for mobility, firepower, communication and investigation will be the hallmark of PNP administrative thrusts for the year with greater emphasis on PNP best practices in transparency and public accountability in all procurement transactions,” PNP Officer-in-Charge Police Lieutenant General Archie Francisco Gamboa said January 6.

Police Lieutenant General Gamboa noted that flagship campaigns of the PNP will address against crime, illegal drugs, terrorism and corruption for the next 12 months and beyond.

“Foremost among these is the intensification of the intelligence-driven anti-illegal drugs campaign particularly against upper and middle-level high value targets engaged in trafficking of commercial quantity of illegal drugs 50 grams or more,” he said.

“Of equal priority in the operational thrusts for 2020 is the campaign against the few rogues in uniform who continue to resist change and reform,” he said.

“Similar intelligence-driven operations will address issues of involvement of PNP personnel in criminal activity, graft and corrupt practices – with equal attention to the culpability of immediate superior officers who will fail to take action and supervise their men,” Gamboa added.