PNP directed to impose ban on cops drinking in public

Following President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive yesterday, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo M. Año orders the Philippine National Police (PNP) to issue the necessary administrative circular to ensure that cops conduct themselves professionally in public by banning them from drinking in bars, nightclubs, and in public places.

“Si Presidente na mismo ang nagsabi na bawal na uminom ang mga police sa mga bar, pub at mga kalsada. Kasuhan ninyo agad ang sinumang lalabag dito,” he says.

The DILG Chief says that he expects the senior officials of the PNP from P/Director General Oscar Albayalde down to all Chiefs of Police in all cities and towns to lead by example so that their men will follow.

He says that President Duterte is right, people lose their respect and trust in policemen and the entire PNP as an organization when they see drunken policemen in public.

During the DILG’s Barangay Summit on Peace and Order in the National Capital Region on January 8, 2018, President Duterte ordered all law enforcers to refrain from drinking in public places because they tend to get into trouble.

“Nakakahiya at masagwang makita na may mga pulis na nag-iinuman sa publiko. The job of the police requires the respect of the people, therefore they must do what it takes to gain and maintain public trust,” says Año.

The DILG Secretary says cops who are seen drinking in public places may face administrative charges such as dereliction of duty, insubordination, and gross neglect of duty.

“We cannot have armed policemen walking around in public reeking of alcohol and not in their best state of mind as it implies lack of discipline among our uniformed personnel. Respetuhin ninyo ang tsapa at uniporme ninyo,” he says.

According to Año, the police can instead opt to drink alcoholic beverages in the confines of their own homes or private households so as not to taint the image of the PNP.

“Paano pa makakaresponde sa isang insidente kung hilo na ang pulis dahil sa pag-inom ng alak? Mas mabuti pang sa bahay ninyo na lang kayo uminom para iwas gulo at para hindi rin kayo maasuntohan,” he says.

During the Summit, President Duterte also directed the police to break off drinking sessions conducted along sidewalks, parks, and other public places as it scares away other people.

Last year, Davao City imposed a liquor ban on its constituents by prohibiting the drinking of liquor along the streets, in parks, parking areas, among other public spaces. DILG