PMA First Class cadets train aboard BRP Davao del Sur

On 09 May 2019, the Philippine Military Academy “MABALASIK” Class of 2019 Midshipmen (First Class Cadets Navy Group) boarded BRP DAVAO DEL SUR (LD602) for their Seaphase Training as part of their Officers’ Preparatory Course/On-the Job Training (OPC/OJT).

Fifty-Six (56) midshipmen accompanied by their training staff headed by LCDR DENNIS O DONGA PN(GSC), Head of Department of Naval Warfare (DNW), PMA and training staff from the Fleet Training and Doctrine Center (FTDC) were accommodated by LD602.

The general objective of the OPC/OJT is to introduce the Philippine Navy and the Naval Service to the Midshipmen.

The final module of the course, the Seaphase undertaken aboard LD602 aims to provide the midshipmen watchstanding experience for OOD in port, moored or at anchor. It covered lectures and practical exams on Watchstanding/Basic Navigation, Rules of the Road, Naval and Shipboard Communications, Naval Weapons and Ammunitions, Shipboard Evolutions such as General Quarters, Fire at Sea, Man Overboard, Abandonship and Basic Life Support (BLS)/First Aid.

They were also able to witness the conduct of Flight Quarters Operations and Well Deck Operations which are peculiar capabilities of Landing Dock (LDs) vessels.

To maximize learning, lectures were also conducted by Small Group Instructors provided by the Philippine Fleet composed of representatives from the Sealift Amphibious Force, Offshore Combat Force, and Littoral Combat Force.

The Seaphase Training of the Navy Group of PMA Class of 2019 was completed on 11 May 2019. BRP Davao del Sur