PMA cadets undergo air-ground operations system training


Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Second and Third Class Cadets have undergone a three-day Air-Ground Operations System (AGOS) Training.

“With the Hueys from the 205th Tactical Operation Wing, the Academy’s Department of Ground Warfare facilitated the 3-day training with the cadets,” PMA said in its official social networking page.

PMA explained that AGOS Training facilitates learning about the capabilities and limitation of the aircraft, the proper procedure on how to load and unload the aircraft, and safety procedures on how to direct the landing of the aircraft.

“This kind of training will develop the skills and confidence of the cadets to conduct and participate in air to ground operations once they graduate in the Academy and report for duty in their respective major services,” PMA said.

PMA noted that it is the institution’s priority to ensure that the cadets get a high-level training package to provide them with the basic and broad military skills need for their progressive career in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.