Planned partnership with Korea to manufacture vests, helmets shelved

The planned partnership between Department of National Defense-Government Arsenal (GA) and South Korean company Samyang Comtech Co. Ltd. to manufacture force protection equipment (FPE) which include Kevlar helmets & armour vests was shelved.

UPDATE: PHL partnership with Korean firms for FPE, rifle production is possible

Government Arsenal photos

“MaxDefense received confirmation from sources from the DND, Government Arsenal, and local defense industry that the Government Arsenal has decided to shelve the plans to cooperate with South Korea company Samyang Comtech Co. Ltd. in jointly manufacturing Force Protection Equipment,” MaxDefense Philippines said.

“Not only that, but GA also shelved the plans to jointly manufacture and receive technology from Korea’s S&T Motiv for the manufacture of M4/AR-15 type 5.56mm rifles,” MaxDefense said.

“This is a surprising move since the Government Arsenal was scheduled to receive Php2.5 billion as budget for their rifle manufacturing capability, and Php600 million for the FPE manufacturing as part of the Horizon 2 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program. Both budget requests are included in the Php299.9 billion proposal for the said phase,” it added.

It can be remembered that in July 2017, Government Arsenal announced its partnership with Samyang Comtech. The Government Arsenal said the former Elitool manufacturing building inside GA camp which produced M16A1 rifles during early 1980s will be restored for the purpose of manufacturing FPE.