Plane crashes, catches fire while taking off at NAIA


“This is to confirm an accident that happened on or about 8:00PM today, 29 March 2020, involving a West Wind 24 aircraft bound for Haneda with eight (8) passengers on board,” Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said in an advisory.

MIAA said the accident happened at the end of Runway 24 while the aircraft was taking off.

“The flight, which was on a medEvac mission to Haneda, Japan, was carrying two (2) passengers and six (6) crew members,” MIAA said in an advisory.

“Immediately after the incident, the MIAA Fire and Rescue team were dispatched to the site to douse the flames with chemical foam,” MIAA added. “Unfortunately, no passenger survived the accident.”

“The runway has been temporarily closed, as investigators from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board of the Civil Aeronautics Authority of the Philippines are now on site to determine the cause of the incident,” MIAA said.

Senator Dick Gordon, chairman of Philippine Red Cross (PRC), said the Philippine Red Cross dispatched a fire truck with 7 crew and 2 ambulances with 7 crew.

“The plane caught fire and exploded while taking off NAIA runway 24,” the senator said