Pikachu visits Japanese ambassador to Philippines

Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Koshikawa Kazuhiko has welcomed Pikachu, a well known character in Japanese media franchise Pokemon.

Japanese embassy photo

“Ambassador Koshikawa had a special guest at his residence! Do you know who this ketchup-loving #Pokemon is? Ambassador served him a plate of #Omurice, Japanese-style hospitality, and his best smile!” the Japanese embassy said January 9.

“Japanese hospitality is called #Omotenashi. It’s not too different from Filipino hospitality, which always comes with a smile. Knowing that Pikachu’s favorite is ketchup, I served #Omurice – Japanese Omelette rice with ketchup sauce – with my smile!” the Japanese ambassador said.

Koshikawa is Japan’s new Ambassador to the Philippines. He was welcomed by President Rodrigo Duterte on December 14.