PHOTOS: Duterte leads opening of oilfield in Cebu

President Rodrigo Duterte led the Ceremonial Opening of Oil and Gas Production of the Alegria Oilfield Polyard-3 Well Site on Saturday, May 19 in Alegria, Cebu.

President Duterte said the oilfield is first outside Malampaya. The Alegria oilfield serves as a major breakthrough in the Philippine oil and gas industry.

The said oilfield covers a total area of 197,000 hectares with about 42,749 hectares devoted to the production area.

The oilfield is currently operated by China International Mining Petroleum Company Ltd. with its partners Skywealth Group Holdings Ltd. And Phil-Mal Energy International Inc. in a US $30.80 million investment.

“You will really be rich. Your lifestyle would be more expensive. So prepare for a massive migration because people go where there is money,” Duterte told residents of Alegria during the event.

“It is a magnet that draws people together. But since we are Filipinos, you should accommodate them and partake of the bounties of what God has given us in the bowels of the earth,” he added.