PHL’s Israeli missile system finally arrives

The Philippine Navy this week received the shipment of SPIKE-ER missiles, Typhoon MLS-ER missile launchers, and Mini Typhoon 12.7mm Remote Control Weapon Systems ordered from Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, MaxDefense Philippines said in a post today.

These systems will be installed to Philippine Navy’s three units of Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC) Mark III. These attack crafts were activated to navy service in May 2017 ahead of the installation of their weapons.

“This would be an important milestone for the Philippine Navy as it marks its entrance to the missile age, with the Spike-ER being its first surface-to-surface missile system,” MaxDefense said.

“Each MPAC will get a Mini Typhoon armed with a Browning M2 50-caliber machine gun, and a Typhoon MLS-ER launcher. Each missile launching system can carry 4 ready-to-fire Spike-ER missile launchers and missiles, although the MPAC could carry more rounds due to availability of an ammunition storage,” MaxDefense added.

According to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Typhoon MLS-ER is a complete Naval Missile System.

“The system includes Spike-ER missiles, launchers, an Electro Optical director and a fire control system. The light-weight, stabilized system can be installed on a variety of platforms, ranging from Rigid Hull Inflated Boats (RHIBs) to larger boats and ships. Spike ER is an electro-optically guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 8km with pinpoint accuracy,” Rafael said.

“Typhoon MLS-ER features day and night operation and includes Fire-and-Forget, as well as Fire-and-Observe and Update modes of operation. This enables the gunner to switch between targets after launch, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment and attack hidden targets. Additionally, the Typhoon MLS-ER features a Fire and Steer mode, in which the gunner can launch the missile without pre-locking onto the target and manually steer it to the target,” it added.