PHL will honor defense treaty with US – Duterte

The Philippines will honor the United States–Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty, President Rodrigo Duterte said during the 10th Biennial National Convention and 20th Founding Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese Filipino Business Club at Manila Hotel on February 19.

“Philippines now is veering towards China. But we maintain good relations. We have this RP-US pact defense deal, we will honor it, I don’t know when. But if we go to war, everything wilts, lalaya (whither) ito lahat,” Duterte said.

He said “North Korea is the wild card and that it appears to be tempering its policies.”

“I have to pray, I do not pray usually but I pray to – once, twice, when it enters my mind about what’s happening with the world. One mistake and if all those nuclear weapons are launched, China will join the fray, Russia, Britain, France and Iran,” he said.

President Duterte said that if atomic weapons are blown up there will be no more territories to fight for and no more ideologies to cause misunderstanding among nations because “we will see each other in heaven.”

“Talagang matutunaw ito. Just imagine one Hiroshima a million times. The bomb in Hiroshima multiplied a million times, what will happen to the world,” he said. “Kaya, China, Russia, America, eh nakatutok ‘yan. There’s a stalemate. Do not pull the trigger because mine will also go off. And we are at a very proximate distance to assure mutually dead.”