PHL to continue honoring alliance with US: Duterte

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte assured the United States that his government will honor the country’s alliance with the world superpower despite efforts to forge closer relations with China and Russia.

The Philippines has an enduring Mutual Defense Treaty with the US agreed in August 1951.

“I’m just saying it because I like Trump and I would like to assure America that we will not do anything to hinder, hamper or whatever. We will go along with our alliances,” President Duterte said Saturday in an interview with Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in his television program “Give Us This Day.”

China and Russia are not enemies of the Philippines and they helped the country when it needed arms while battling ISIS-backed Maute group in Marawi City, the President said.

Despite their defense assistance to the Philippines, both countries have not demanded for a military alliance or basing arrangements with the Philippine government, he noted. PND