PHL studies Japan’s national ID system

The Philippines is now studying Japan’s national ID system. Laguna 3rd District Representative Sol Aragones who is also the House of Representative Committee on Population and Family Relations chair met with Japanese officials in charge of Japan’s “My Number” national ID system on January 12, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

Aragones’ meeting with Japanese officials is part of a survey of international best practices as legislation establishing a national ID system in the Philippines gains steam in Congress, DFA said.

Cabinet Office of Japan (CAO) and Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIAC) officials briefed Aragones who was joined by Philippine Embassy officials in Tokyo.

“The briefings centered on the features, security safeguards, and legal and information network underpinning the implementation of Japan’s “My Number” system,” DFA said.

“The Japanese officials also provided a comprehensive overview of the resulting improvements and efficiencies in the delivery of public service to both nationals and foreign residents in Japan, particularly in the fields of social security, tax administration, and even disaster response,” it added.

DFA said Aragones also met Cabinet Councillor Haruki Mukai of the Cabinet Secretariat’s Office of Social Security and Tax Number System. Aragones conveyed her gratitude for the Cabinet Office’s ready assistance and the valuable lessons drawn from the presentations.

“Japan’s “My Number” (Kojinbango) system was implemented by Japan beginning January 2016 based on legislation enacted in 2013. The system facilitates the administration of social security benefits, taxation, and even disaster response measures and support. Each and every citizen and resident in Japan is issued a 12-digit number. They may then be issued physical photo/IC ID cards upon request,” DFA said.

The House of Representatives has approved of final reading the Filipino ID System or “FilSys”, House Bill 6221, in September 2017. A counterpart bill is pending in Senate.