‘PHL should build own military ships’

“We are an archipelagic country; we should be able to build ships. We should have ships made in the Philippines – in Cebu, in Hanjin in Subic. We should really make an effort to strengthen our military, because we are facing both internal and external threats,” Senator Richard J. Gordon said in a statement.

He noted that a shipbuilder in Subic, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction-Philippines has launched the first-ever Subic-made 20,600-TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) class container vessel. He noted that this shows Filipinos has the talent for building our own ships.

He added that naval architectural designing should be included in the curriculum of country’s maritime academies and institutions. He said this would step up Filipinos’ craftsmanship in designing vessels.

“Building our own ships would be cheaper and it would give our naval architectural designers a chance to get what we want. Dapat maglagay na tayo ng sarili nating capability to build our own ships,” he said.

“I have always advocated that we should build our naval and coast guard assets. Our Navy and Coast Guard must have sufficient capability to patrol and protect our territory and sovereignty. That is why during the TRAIN deliberations, I even pushed for the earmarking of revenues for military modernization and the President personally assured that he will make military modernization a priority,” he explained.

He also said that the Philippines should consistently assert national territory, which includes Scarborough Shoal and Benham Rise, in no uncertain terms.

Source: http://senate.gov.ph/press_release/2018/0204_gordon1.asp