PHL says Kuwait’s action against Filipino envoy is ‘disturbing’

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said that the move by the Kuwaiti government to declare Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato O. Villa persona non grata is disturbing. The Kuwaiti government gave Villa 1 week to leave.

The DFA said it was informed by the State of Kuwait with its decision.

“The action taken by the Kuwaiti Government is deeply disturbing as it is inconsistent with the assurances given by Kuwaiti Ambassador Musaed Saleh Ahmad Althwaikh during his meeting with Secretary Alan Peter S. Cayetano in Manila on Tuesday,” DFA said.

The Kuwaiti government also recalled its ambassador to Philippines.

DFA said that the move was contrary to “the agreement reached with Kuwaiti Ambassador Musaed Saleh Ahmad Althwaikh to work together to move bilateral relations between the Philippines and Kuwait forward.”

“In discussions at every level with Kuwait, the Philippines has always emphasized that the well-being of Filipino nationals wherever they may be will always be of paramount importance,” DFA said. “The protection of the rights and the promotion of the welfare of Filipinos abroad would always be the guiding principle of the Philippines in its relationship with countries around the world, including Kuwait.”