PHL ready to send teachers, build schools in Papua New Guinea: Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has offered to send teachers and establish schools in Papua New Guinea in return of Papua New Guinea’s good treatment of Filipinos.

“[W]e are ready to build schools, ask teachers to come here and help in the education of your young people,” President Duterte said during an event with Filipino Community in Papua New Guinea on November 16.

He said he really thank I really the Governor and the Prime Minister for accommodated the Filipinos. “And I’ve heard that you have treated us very well,” he said.

“I tell you the Filipinos who are here are really very industrious and very – the bright ones. You can take advantage of the expertise. I am offering you… You know I was looking at… We can come here, we can establish schools and if you want a university. And we are good at that. We will try to help you,” he said.

“We will send vocational skills training ‘yung TESDA. Governor, we are willing to help your livelihood projects here. Maybe the next generation would be at least receptive of you know improvement,” he added.

He also thanked Papua New Guinea for providing land for Philippines to be able to plant crops. “Thank you for accommodating us in giving away lands where we can plant. You know Governor, most of the lands in the Philippines are not food crop. There are no more lands where we can plant to eat the palay. It’s overtaken by multinationals,” he said.