PHL partnership with Korean firms for FPE, rifle production is possible

Contrary to previous report, planned partnership of Department of National Defense (DND)-Government Arsenal (GA) with Samyang Comtech Co. Ltd. to manufacture force protection equipment (FPE) and with S&T Motiv for co-production and technology transfer for 5.56mm rifle are still on the possibility.

“While there appears to be a slow down in the proposed joint venture since the leadership changes at the Government Arsenal last year, it was confirmed to MaxDefense that South Korean companies S&T Motiv and Samyang Comtech are still in the game,” MaxDefense said.

MaxDefense said S&T Motiv continues to be South Korea’s largest small arms manufacturer, and still produces small arms for the South Korean and export markets.

“As for Samyang Comtech, there are no changes in the joint venture proposal for FPE manufacturing despite the scandal it faces back in South Korea, as the Government Arsenal will make sure the products the GA-Samyang JV will produce will meet the quality of specification requirements of the AFP and other end users,” it added.

“In the end, the ball is still up to the Government Arsenal and Dir. Casabar, since his decisions would still be the one to direct where the GA will be going in the near future,” MaxDefense said.