PHL Navy’s largest ship picking up military supplies from Japan

One of the two largest ships of Philippine Navy will be sailing to Japan as early as next month or before the year ends to pick up military supplies from Japan. Supplies to be picked up are for Philippine Air Force.

Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad revealed this information during the arrival ceremony of BRP Tarlac (LD-601), one of the two landing platform docks, the largest ships currently in Philippine military service.

BRP Tarlac just completed its Russia and South Korea missions.

“I think one of our ships will go to Japan latter part [of this year] and we will get some spare parts and some munitions of the Philippine Air Force,” Empedrad said as quoted by PNA.

Empedrad did not give details on what type of spare parts and munitions will be picked up.

Philippine Navy spokesperson Commander Jonathan Zata said that BRP Tarlac or her sister-ship BRP Davao Del Sur (LD-602) will be selected for the mission.

“If the mission to Japan will push through this November, this will be the very first time that a PN-commissioned vessel will be calling on one of the ports in Japan,” Zata said.