PHL Navy multilateral capability to be boosted by ‘Komodo’ drills

The Philippine Navy’s (PN) ability to operate at the multilateral level is expected to be boosted by its participation in the Indonesian Navy’s “Multilateral Naval Exercise Komodo” that will take place on May 4-9.

“The PN’s participation in this undertaking is expected to advance its maritime operational capability to multilateral level, thereby increasing readiness and interoperability and enabling the nation’s premiere maritime force to be more effective and efficient in the conduct of its mandated task,” Navy spokesperson Capt. Lued Lincuna said Friday.

The PN deployed the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (FF-15), one of the three ex-Hamilton class cutters in service, and about 300 naval personnel to participate in the “Komodo”.

The same vessel participated in the “Komodo” naval drills back in 2014. It departed Pier 13, Manila South Harbor Friday morning and is expected to arrive at the Port of Lembar, Indonesia by May 4.

Exercise “Komodo” 2018 is the third multilateral naval exercise that will be hosted by the Indonesian Navy.

It aims to enhance the relationship and cooperation among participating navies in building common understanding about humanitarian assistance disaster response operations and will also focus on maritime interdiction operation.

Lincuna said an estimated 30 regional and non-regional navies from different countries will join this naval exercise.

It will be executed ashore, as sea and air assets, and special operations teams from participating navies will conduct combined maneuvers to address various contingencies at sea.

Exercises ashore include workshops, sports program, cultural performances, maritime exhibitions, engineering civic action projects, and medical and civic action projects.

The final day will see a field training exercise and a sail pass.

Lincuna said this multilateral naval exercise is a platform on how the PN and other navies in the region can cooperate and work together to address shared maritime security priorities through the development of combined naval tactics, techniques and procedures. PNA