PHL Navy frigate fires Oto Melara Gun during Australia wargames

The Philippine Navy frigate BRP Ramon Alcaraz (FF16) has fired its 76 mm Oto Melara Gun using a total of 16 target practice rounds as part of the Gunnery Exercise (GUNNEX) of the at-sea phase activities of Exercise KAKADU 2018 in Australia.

The Philippine Navy said Fleet Tactical Exercise (FTX) of KAKADU 2018 started on September 7 and will run until September 13 in the Northern Australian Exercise Area (NAXA). These involve 24 ships and submarines, 21 aircrafts and about 3,000 personnel from the 27 nations from Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean and Middle East.

“We are now in the next phase of the Exercise KAKADU… the reason why we are here. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to learn and enhance our knowledge and skills,” Philippine Navy contingent led by the Naval Task Force Commander, Capt Junjie B Tabuada said.

“Safety will always be paramount at all times,” he added.

“The aim of the FTX phase is to exercise multilateral forces in a realistic scenario to prove the level of information interoperability. On this sea event, series of training and evolutions will be conducted. The Fleet Integration Training include the communication, ships formation and maneuvers, personnel exchange program and replenishment at sea. More so, tactical exercises for air defence, naval guns, combined anti-submarine and anti-air warfare will also be conducted,” Philippine Navy said.

KAKADU is a biennial exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Navy that provides a venue to work together with the regional partners in a multinational training environment to enable interoperability in maritime and air domains and strengthen the regional ties.