PHL military acquiring intel equipment only from Israel: Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte told Israel President Reuven Rivlin during their meeting on September 4 that he has ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to acquire military intelligence gathering equipment only from Israel.

“My orders to my military is that in terms of military equipment particularly intelligence gathering, we only have one country to buy it from. That is my order, specifically, Israel,” Duterte told Rivlin.

He said United States is a good friend, however, he said, United States is also listening through the equipment they sell.

“And so with China and everybody else, Germany. So you can be very sure that they are also amply connected with you,” he added.

He added that he does not see Israel having problem in relationship with Philippines.

He also thanked Israel for assistance during Marawi crisis. “You have extended us critical assistance during the Marawi siege against the extremists. And the equipment that you lent us helped us a lot to win the war and shortened the period of fighting,” he said.

He added that with terrorism, “it behooves Israel and the Philippines to cooperate more than ever to defeat one enemy which I think could never disappear within the next ten years.”