PHL microsatellite Diwata-1 officially ends mission


STAMINA4Space/PHL-Microsat has confirmed in its social networking page that Philippine microsatellite Diwata-1 officially ended its mission April 6.

“We confirm that today, 6 April 2020 at 04:49 a.m. Philippine Standard Time (PST), Diwata-1 was at an altitude of approximately 114km based on telemetry data received from the satellite. This altitude is very close to the Karman line, or the widely accepted boundary between outer space and the Earth’s atmosphere. It is expected that beyond this altitude, the chances of successfully establishing contact with Diwata-1 are extremely low,” STAMINA4Space/PHL-Microsat said.

“This, therefore, marks the official end of the mission lifetime of Diwata-1,” it noted.

“You will always be remembered for opening the horizons of space to the Philippines. You have, in many ways, exceeded our expectations in your four years of service. We shall build upon your legacy as we continue to explore new frontiers and forge ahead with the future of the Philippine space program,” STAMINA4Space/PHL-Microsat said.

Diwata-1 was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) on March 23, 2016. It was deployed from the ISS on April 27, 2016. It is the first satellite both built and designed by Filipinos.