PHL joins Fighter Logistics and Safety Symposium in Japan

Air force officers from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and United States have come together to Kadena Air Base, Japan for the the inaugural Fighter Logistics and Safety Symposium from August 20 through August 24.

US Air Force photo

The symposiums goal is to work together and improve interoperability in the region, the US Air Force said.

“Since our forces are a lot smaller these days it’s more incumbent that we partner up with the nations in this area to promote security and stability in the region,” said US Air Force Major Michael Pepper, Pacific Air Forces logistics engagements officer. “The best way to do that is with your friends.”

The US Air Force said representatives of participating air force presented about challenges, solutions or unique procedures they use for their fighter aircraft. Participants were also able to ask questions and share practices and procedures with each other.

It added that visiting officers also partook in briefings throughout the week and a tour of selected fighter support units in Kadena Air Base.