PHL in talks with Japan for Huey helicopter spare parts

The Philippines is in talks with Japan for the acquisition of UH-1H “Huey” helicopter spare parts worth USD96 million for Philippine Air Force (PAF).

According to Chief of PAF Lieutenant General Galileo Kintanar, in report by Reuters dated May 7, the spare parts from Japan are enough to keep 80 Hueys flying until 2020.

In February, the Philippine government ordered 16 Bell 412 EPI combat utility helicopters from Bell Helicopter through Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), however, the Philippines cancelled the deal after the Canadian government raised several concerns on the use of helicopters.

Lieutenant General Kintanar said they are confident they will sign a new contract this year for brand-new combat utility helicopters. Delivery is expected in 2020.

“We will definitely sign a contract for the brand-new combat utility helicopters this year,” Kintanar said as quoted by Reuters.