PHL getting Korean torpedoes, countermeasure rounds

The Philippines is acquiring Korean torpedoes and countermeasure rounds for its upcoming 2 Philippine Navy frigates ordered from Hyundai Heavy Industries, MaxDefense Philippines said citing a confirmation from a defense source.

“No mention of the model and exact torpedo and countermeasure rounds were made to MaxDefense, but as early as 2016, MaxDefense already mentioned that the Philippine Navy and DND may consider to use the LIGNex1 K745 Blue Shark lightweight torpedo, which is also expected to be the torpedo to be carried by the upcoming AW-159 Wildcat naval helicopters,” MaxDefense said.

In September 2017, UK-based Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) confirmed that it was chosen to supply Torpedo Launcher Systems (TLS) for Philippine Navy’s upcoming frigates.

“The contract will be based on systems similar to those in service with the UK Royal Navy and also being supplied to the navies of Malaysia and Thailand. It is unique in that it can be configured to fire any NATO standard light weight torpedo, enabling operators to benefit from the flexibility of choosing the best weapon independently and the option of switching during the life of the ship,” SEA said.

Meanwhile, Danish defense and aerospace manufacturer Terma confirmed in November 2017 that its decoy launching system “C-Guard has been thoroughly evaluated and finally selected as the solution best responding to the Philippine Navy needs and requirements.”

Terma said C-Guard will effectively counter advanced threats like small range gate Radio Frequency (RF) missiles, imaging Infra-Red (IR) seekers missiles, and advanced next generation torpedoes.