PHL defense chief inspects military equipment in Russia

The Philippine delegation headed by National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana attended the International Military-Technical Forum of ARMY 2018 in Moscow, Russia on August 21.

L. Camoying photo via Ambassador Sorreta

At the event, Lorenzana examined Russian military equipment with the pressing defense needs of the Philippines in mind, Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta said.

“The Philippines is currently looking at much needed military equipment available from several countries, including Russia,” Sorreta said. “Any procurement will be made in accordance with Philippine law.”

Sorreta said Russia is willing to provide brand new equipment, customized to the specific needs of the Philippines, at favorable financial terms, with reasonable delivery times, full after sales service, necessary training and without political conditionalities or limitations.

L. Camoying photo via Ambassador Sorreta
L. Camoying photo via Ambassador Sorreta

“By procuring new and customized equipment, our armed forces will be able to maximize their use since they can be made to fit into our battle plans and tactics. Unlike with used and practically bare equipment, it is our tactics that have to be adjusted and compromised,” he added.