PHL buying landing dock ships with transfer of technology

The Department of National Defense/Armed Forces of the Philippines (DND/AFP) has launched the Landing Dock Acquisition Project for the Philippine Navy under the AFP Modernization Program Second Horizon with approved budget for contract of PHP5,560,000,000.00.

Two units of 120-meter landing dock ships will be acquired under this acquisition project with transfer of technology. A pre-bid conference is set on June 20. The bid opening is scheduled on July 4.

According to the technical specifications released by DND, the ships should be able to operate at Sea State 6; and suited for helicopter, landing craft utility, MPAC, RHIB, amphibious assault vehicle operations at Sea State 4.

“The builder shall either grant the ownership of the vessel’s design to the Philippine Navy or grant a license to the Philippine Navy to manufacture/build using the design,” DND says in the technical specification.

“The Philippine Navy requires tie-up with local companies or shipyard so that a minimum of one (1) unit of the LD will be constructed in-country,” it noted.