PHL, AUS army chiefs enhance bilateral relationship

The Philippine Army and the Australian Army continues to enhance its bilateral relationship during the 2019 Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs Conference held today, September 9, at Bangkok Thailand.

The meeting between the two armies focused on the discussion of regional cooperation in addressing evolving threats, security challenges, and sustaining peace in both countries.

Philippine Army Commanding General Lt. Gen Macairog S. Alberto shared the Philippine Government’s effort in supporting the Armed Forces of the Philippines through amendment of laws supporting anti-terrorism operations. He also introduced the concept of the Brigade Combat Team and the Philippine Army’s senior leaders gathering to discuss hybrid, future, and current threats as one of the command’s strategies and best practices.

On the other hand, Australian Army Chief Lt. Gen. Richard Maxwell Burr mentioned that the Philippine Army’s experience is “illuminating [the] Australia[n] [Army]”. Burr expressed his support to the intelligence efforts of the Philippine Army as well as in both armies’ commitment and shared efforts in preparing future-ready land force in their respective countries.

The army chiefs also extended their invitation for further discussions and cooperation.

“The Philippine Army’s participation on mutual discussions and cooperation with other countries is important in leading both armies to learn new perspectives and skills needed in facing current and future security threats in the regional and international zones,” said Army Spokesperson Lt. Col. Ramon P. Zagala. ARMY.MIL.PH