PHL Army shares counter-terrorism experiences to Japan

The Philippine Army shared its counter-terrorism experiences to Japan Ministry of Defense delegates as part of its study visit to Fort Bonifacio today, June 4, 2019.

“We have a few or no experience of terrorism. The Marawi experience, particularly, gives information to the students. Terrorism is not just a domestic issue, but also international,” said Joint Staff College Chief Instructor Capt. Katsuya Yamamoto during the briefing led by Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group Commander, Brig. Gen. Bienvenido Y. Regondola Jr.

Besides strengthening the bilateral relationship of both forces, the activity aimed to capacitate both defense groups in the rising threat of terrorism by providing the command knowledge and action in the previous terrorism crises in the Philippines.

Participating Army officers shared the command’s experiences during the Zamboanga and Marawi Seige. They emphasized the importance of joint agency operations of the military and government/non-government organizations in performing its duty of protecting the people and securing territorial integrity.

Providing trainings to squad up to the command leaders and developing readily deployable force like the 1st Brigade Combat Team were also highlighted as the Army’s support system in preparing and addressing terrorism issues.

“In learning about us, I am optimistic that you have recognized our continuous efforts for the development of our organization. These initiatives we have implemented gave credence to our vision of becoming a world-class army that is source of national pride,” said Army Commanding General, Macairog S. Alberto. Philippine Army