PHL Army plans acquiring new tanks, armoured vehicles

The Philippine Army is expected to acquire new tanks and armoured personnel carriers as part of its modernization under the Second Horizon of Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program slated for 2018 to 2022.

According to MaxDefense Philippines, included in the Philippine Army’s modernization plan, for final approval by President Rodrigo Duterte, is the acquisition of 44 tanks with proposed budget of PHP9,484,332,000.00. This acquisition may include wheeled light tanks and tracked light/medium tanks.

“MaxDefense believes that Tank Destroyer is the more appropriate description for [wheeled light tank], and a better way to separate this type of vehicle from a “Light Tank” based on a tracked vehicle platform,” MaxDefense said in an article published March 24.

“Based on the platforms offered to the Philippine Army, most tank destroyer platforms are based on 8×8 wheeled armored vehicles due to its capability to carry large turrets and remain stable when absorbing recoil from firing large caliber guns like a 105mm tank gun,” it added.

“MaxDefense believes that a company [of around 12-14 wheeled light tanks] might be acquired, and would be deducted from the 44 tanks planned for acquisition,” MaxDefense noted.

MaxDefense added that for the tracked light/medium tanks, around 2 companies (around 30 units) are planned for acquisition.

“This is what most people are expecting when the Philippine Army and DND announced that they were acquiring tanks. A light or medium tank using a tracked armored vehicle platform, and is light enough to not need special equipment when crossing bridges in the Philippines,” MaxDefense said.

MaxDefense also said that acquiring a total of 28 wheeled (6×6 or 8×8) armoured personnel carriers armed with 30mm unmanned turret are part of Army’s plan.

President Duterte, in his speeches during the 121st Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army and Philippine Military Academy 2018 commencement exercises, said his government is working to implement the second horizon of AFP modernization program to provide the men and women in uniform with equipment to perform their duties effectively.