PHL Army distributes Bulgarian-made RPG launchers

“The Philippine Army has started distributing the Bulgarian-made ATGL rocket propelled grenade launchers to its infantry battalions as more ammunition becomes available,” MaxDefense Philippines said on September 9.

MaxDefense noted that the distribution of more RPG launchers “increases the firepower of standard infantry battalions and to replace the older and heavier recoilless rifles that are now being installed on light vehicles.”

“These RPGs were acquired under the Rocket Launcher Light acquisition project, part of the old AFP Modernization Program under RA7898, the same batch as those used in Marawi and made by Arsenal JSCO of Bulgaria,” MaxDefense said.

It noted that “thermobaric rounds were not available during the Marawi crisis.”

“If they were delivered earlier the results of RPG use could have been different,” MaxDefense noted.