PHL also looking at Russian warships

According to Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta, the Philippines is looking at purchasing Russian warships.

“We are looking at the naval vessels,” Ambassador Sorreta told Russian news agency TASS in interview.

“We have already had people come here look at the documents, look at the vessels. And the process will continue. They will have to look at others also, other countries and then come up with a decision,” he said.

“Russian equipment is getting to be very desirable for many developing countries,” he added. “They prefer Russian equipment and the terms are good. We’ve been discussing possible terms.”

“Russia’s terms are reasonable and they don’t have what’s called ‘political conditionality.’ When we buy something, you trust that we will use it well. With some countries, when we buy something they put limitations, conditionalities,” he added.

In can be recalled that Philippine Navy (PN) Flag Officer-in-Command Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad went to Russia in July to attend Russia Navy Day celebration and meet with Russian Navy officials.