PHL Air Force to possibly receive two light lift aircraft mid-2018

PTDirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) may be able to deliver Philippine Air Force’s (PAF) ordered two NC-212i light lift aircraft by the middle of 2018, Shephard said in a report. Shephard is an international aerospace, defence and security business information, analysis and news provider.

Shephard cited PTDirgantara Indonesia director of production Arie Wibowo saying certification for the NC-212i’s Genesys Aerosystems S-Tec 5000 digital autopilot system may occur in summer. The process is being led by Airbus Defence & Space.

The C-212 aircraft was designed by Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA) in Spain, now under Airbus Defence and Space. PTDirgantara Indonesia is producing C-212 aircraft under licence as NC-212.

“Based on PAF sources and from info provided by several community members, the aircraft are ready for delivery since mid 2017, but the autopilot system is still uncertified by its manufacturer until now. Which is unusual,” MaxDefense Philippines previously said.

The Philippine government contracted Indonesian Aerospace to build two NC-212i aircraft after it won the bidding in January 2014.

“The NC212i aircraft can be used strategically for producing artificial rain, maritime patrol and coast guard patrol. It can also be utilized for the following missions: passenger and troop transport, cargo/logistic transport, anti-smuggling control, immigration control, search and rescue, paratroop dropping, and medical evacuation,” PAF said.

“Compared to the previous NC212, the new model has a carrying capacity of 28 passengers, a digital avionic and next generation autopilot. It features a ramp access, next generation navigation and communication system, as well as, cheaper operational cost. Moreover, the said aircraft is capable of taking-off and landing on unpaved runway,” PAF added.

PAF also noted that though it has been using the previous generation aircraft which is the C212, this is the “first Indonesian aircraft ordered by the Philippines and is the latest generation of the NC212.”