PHL accepts all foreign help against terrorists

“We asked help from anyone, from all countries of the world because the threat of terrorism is not just in the Philippines, it’s a worldwide concern,” Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque said during the January 22 press briefing in Malacañang.

Roque’s statement was made with regards to Wall Street Journal report over the weekend that the United States has launched this ‘Operation Pacific Eagle’ since September 2017 which marks a new phase of counterterrorism efforts in the region.

“So if countries want to give whatever assistance they could and they want to, it’s welcome,” he said.

“By I think, terrorism now is not just a subject of concern in international organizations such as ASEAN, it is on top of the priority as well of multilateral agencies such as United Nations,” he added.

The report also added that Philippines asked help from United States during the height of Marawi City battled against terrorists. This enhanced US cooperation with Philippine forces in battle against terrorists.

Roque said the asking for help was not announced but noted it was not top secret.

“The fact that I’m acknowledging that any country, that can provide assistance in the fight of the entire planet against terrorism, is a welcome development. And if assistance would be given, we would gladly accept this assistance,” he said.

“An independent foreign policy recognizes that there are threats which are common to the entire humanity, and the threat of global terrorism is one of them,” he added.