Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia should have joint patrols: Carpio

“I think we should have joint patrols with Vietnam and Malaysia,” retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio said on April 27 during an online forum of Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).

He said during this joint activity navy vessels can patrol exclusive economic zone (EEZ) off each other. “So we will be sending a message to China that they cannot just pick us out one by one. We are united,” Carpio said.

“I think we have to join forces now, because this will continue to escalate and it’s very unfortunate that China is doing this during this pandemic. I think China doesn’t want to let this pandemic crisis go to waste by taking advantage. It’s taking advantage. We are battling a pandemic that came from China, and China is taking advantage of our difficulty right now,” Carpio said.

He said that if China insists on “doing the same thing,” the ASEAN countries can ask United States to join the joint patrols.

This is after Carpio enumerated series of actions by China including the pointing of gun control director by Chinese corvette at BRP Conrado Yap (PS39).