Philippines verifying Chinese observation stations in West PHL Sea

“The Department is coordinating with concerned agencies of the Philippine government and with the Philippine embassy in Beijing to verify the reported establishment of these facilities,” the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said after China reportedly installed weather observation stations in West Philippine Sea.

“The Department will take the appropriate action should these reports be validated,” DFA said.

It noted that it “has monitored news reports quoting officials of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that weather observation stations have been established on three features in the West Philippine Sea.”

The Chinese side confirmed last week that it has begun operating a maritime observation center, a meteorological observatory and a national environmental and air quality monitoring station on reefs of Spratly Islands.

“These projects are designed to observe the maritime, hydrological, meteorological conditions and air qualities and provide such services as maritime warning and forecast, tsunami alert, weather forecast, air quality forecast and disaster prevention and relief,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said on November 1.