Philippines buying 12 cargo helicopters from Russia: Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte said in an interview with Russian media RT that the Philippines is acquiring 12 cargo helicopters from Russia.

“We had our priorities. I was buying for 12 cargo helicopters and you know we are not a rich country. However, we programmed the funds of government, how to budget it. There’s not always not enough to go around with,” President Duterte said.

“I’m sure we will have to make the down payment and be prompt in our [payment]. Just because Russia is a friend, it doesn’t follow that we abscond or do not pay our debts,” he explained.

“It’s still money, and we are really short of it, actually. We are not that rich,” he said. 

“But we have placed the orders now, 12 military helicopters, cargo choppers,” he added.