Philippine’s BRP Gabriela Silang to be launched in France

GMA News journalist Chino Gaston has shared in his Twitter account, shared also by GMA News in its Facebook page, a photo of the future BRP Gabriela Silang built by French shipbuilder OCEA.

OCEA has scheduled the launching ceremony of BRP Gabriela Silang of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on July 17 at its shipbuilding site in Les Sables d’Olonne.

BRP Gabriela Silang is an 84-meter offshore patrol vessel based on OPV 270. According to OCEA, OPV 270 is the largest aluminium OPV built in the world.

It is the outcome of 30 years of experience and permanent innovation to reduce the costs of ownership and environmental impact, OCEA said.

OCEA said that among the capabilities of OPV 270 are: stabilization of the platform for missions up to 5 weeks; diesel-electric propulsion optimizing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs; ability to land, hold and maintain a 5-ton class helicopter; deployment of 2 RHIB of 9.2 m; mission management system that integrates surveillance, detection and communication capabilities for situational awareness; and ability to accommodate onboard castaways, offenders, wounded, divers, special forces.

The PCG is expecting delivery of BRP Gabriela Silang this year. 

OCEA built the PCG’s four Boracay-class 24-meter patrol boats BRP Boracay, BRP Panglao, BRP Malamawi, and BRP Kalanggaman.