Philippine Rise possibly has the Earth’s largest caldera

In a paper written by authors Jenny Barretto, Ray Wood, and John Milsom published by Science Direct, it was found that Benham Rise, Philippine Rise, houses what may be the Earth’s largest caldera.

“The crest of the rise has the morphology of a caldera with a diameter of ~150 km,” says in the highlights of the paper.

“The crest is named Apolaki Caldera and may be the world’s largest known caldera with a diameter of ~150 km,” adds in the paper’s abstract.

It adds that “features like a breached rim, intra-caldera benches, and a resurgent dome indicate a multi-phase volcanic history consisting of both quiet and explosive eruptions.”

University of the Philippines (UP) Marine Science Institute (MSI) Geological Oceanography Laboratory said that “for comparison, Earth’s largest calderas, like the Yellowstone, is only about 60 km. The size is comparable to shield calderas in Mars (Olympus Mons; 80 km x 65 km) and Venus (Sacajawea; 150 X 105 km).”

UP MSI Geological Oceanography Laboratory noted that “Apolaki means “giant lord”, after the Filipino mythical god of the sun and war.”